Dr. Aggarwala is a board certified Interventional Cardiologist practicing in the Houston and surrounding area. He has specific interest in coronary angiography and revascularization, peripheral vascular disease esp. limb salvage and preventing amputation. He is also an experienced operator who treats venous disease including extraction of acute deep venous thrombosis and treating chronic venous insufficiency to heal wound healing.

With the goal of increasing community awareness and education regarding circulatory disease, he launched ACHYLEGS. A project dedicated to bring together like minded passionate individuals from multiple specialities to minimize the deleterious effects of circulatory disease in the world. The goal is to educate our patients and help them seek care from the right kind of physician. He wants to break the barriers between specialities and get his patients to "circulatory health specialists".

Along with all his work, he is active researcher with numerous publications and abstracts. He is currently sire primary investigator for many trials and registries.